Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just cut that crap out when you realize what's happening.

I just made the most eye opening accidental discovery.

I legitimately clicked though a couple things and somehow accidently landed on my exes facebook at the part where it says "born". I discovered that in 2008 he created his profile after years of saying he didn't want anything to do with that because its a slippery slope. But here is the fun part... less than 3 years later we divorced. How is that relevant?

It only took one year to "reconnect" with an old friend from high school. It took approximately 2 years for them to begin having an affair. And less than one year after that...facebook, google chat, texting, and password protection enabled the destruction of a family. Are you comprehending this? Less than 3 years to undo a 15 year relationship.

I love all these things. Without social media I wouldn't keep in touch with friends or meet new friends. Without texting and chatting I wouldn't be able to stay in touch as easily with my family all over the country.

But it comes at a price.

I am married again and I love him. Which is exactly why I keep myself in check with this crap. Nobody accidently cheats and it never "just happens". I love him too much to hurt him like that. But more importantly, I love and respect myself. I love and respect my kids. I refuse to settle. When you find yourself falling into that trap, cut the shit and quit it. It's not worth it. It's easy, its fast, and hell it might even make you feel good for a while, but you are a damn grown-up. So just don't get sucked into it.

Just stay aware of yourself. You are the only one in charge of you. So, now you know.


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