Friday, August 9, 2013

My name is Isis and I'm going to be bigger than you.

We have another dog. This brings our grand total of dogs to 4. And OCD me wouldn't have it any other way. I can't do an odd number of dogs. Or an odd number of kids. And besides...who can resist this face?! Her name is Isis and she is a Great Dane. Yes, I am aware that this is crazy. But that's kind of what I do. I collect mouths to feed.
2 days old. My daddy fell in love with me instantly. He's a big 'ol softie.

Then I got bigger. I am 2 months old here! And Shiner is 2 years old. Pete and Lexi decided not to have their picture made.

Then I got bigger...I gained about 3 pounds that week.

Dad LOVES this. He acts all like "Don't do that!" But then he's secretly all "this is great!"

And still I get bigger. Sometimes Shiner is all "Don't do that!" But I know he loves it.

We are totes besties.


  1. I love big dogs... your puppy is adorable- I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of him getting bigger and bigger.