Friday, July 31, 2009

I am so tired of poop

OK, minor heart attack just now. What IS that thing on the tile? Holy crap! Did that come out of the dog, or one of my kids?! And I need to find out which is was because they are obviously very sick judging by the size and color of that thing. And I need to plan to yell at whoever did that just as soon as I know their intestines aren't hanging out of their backsides because how many times do I say "POOP BELONGS IN THE POTTY!"? I am bravely getting closer and closer...It has really well defined structure...There is a hole in my garbage can...well...

The dog chewed through the bag and pulled out an uncooked bratwurst that I threw away this morning because the expiration date was passed.

Crisis averted.

It would have been funnier if the lady with no teeth had bought the gum

(I wrote this part last week before camp began. We ended up having 46 kids and the musical is on Sunday.)

I’m in charge of this camp.

The enrollment continues to grow and the planning process has reached fever pitch over the last 2 weeks. We are putting on a musical that will involve almost 40 kids between 1st and 6th grades. Of course, when you produce a game show themed musical for kids it involves all kinds of crazy props. Or maybe I just like the crazy props. In high school I collected toys out of happy meals and I displayed them in my car. On the back dash was a 6 piece train including engine and caboose as well as several dinosaurs and some little people. The front dash had (among other things) a full scale army man battle. 50 of them all together. There were helicopters and airplanes attached to the ceiling. You know…to provide air support to their respective sides of the battle. Did I also mention that I was a GEEK in high school? So anyway, it stands to reason that maybe the crazy props are just my own personal preference.

All these props necessitated a trip to my least favorite place in the world. Wal-Mart. It’s only been recently that I can go there alone which is actually a huge deal that I don’t think I’m getting enough credit for. I could go to the Wal-Mart market with gritted teeth and deep breaths but the super center was off limits as a solo trip courtesy of my friend agoraphobia. Now thanks to absurd amounts of medication and lots of CBT I can go to that big ‘ol scary place all by myself (but there are no rules which say I must like it so I continue to hate Wal-mart despite being able to go alone). Which is good because there are very few other places that had all of the weird stuff I needed for camp.

I find the first few things on my list right away. I found a hula-hoop, poster boards, and 1000 cotton balls. The next thing I needed was pool noodles. In case you are an old fart who doesn’t know what a pool noodle is; it’s a 6 foot long foam tube in bright neon colors. I needed 10 of them. Apparently, that is very weird.

I hoisted all 10 noodles into my cart where they proceeded to slap me about the face and head. Imagine trying to push a cart with a wonky wheel (because when have you EVER found a cart with 4 perfectly functioning wheels), while having your entire upper body attacked by a giant version of a sea anemone.

This little scene was so interesting that random strangers decided to stop me every 2 minutes to share with me their clever little comments. “Are you going swimming? He he he” No. These things are perfect for beating children and small animals, and I have extra for when I break the first few. Gotta get those young’uns in their place. No back talk! “Hey, that’s a lot of noodles. He He He.” I know. I’m doing some cooking later. “Whatcha got there? Whatdaya need all those for?” It’s a secret. Let’s just say that when the apocalypse comes, I’ll be prepared and you won’t. SO BACK OFF MY NOODLES THEY ARE MINE, and don’t come cryin’ to me when you need them. I also see that you have a lot of tampons and some Bran Flakes. Lady trouble giving you some problems with plumbing?

I would like to point out that in this same trip to Wal-Mart I saw an entire family with no shoes on, I woman that had a grand total of 2 teeth, and had a tiny Asian woman try to sell me a carton of eggs. She was very persistant and I almost took the eggs out of sheer annoyance. It’s Wal-mart. Weirder things than 10 pool noodles have happened.

(This part happened a few days later)

Back at Wal-mart. I am really starting to hate this place. Who am I kidding? I have always hated this place. But I have another crazy list and this is the place for crazy.

Within 20 minutes I had everything I needed. 19 flashlights and 6 Ace Bandages. I walked right over to the checkout with my head down to avoid all of the commentary. I figure that if anyone was curious, I was expecting a blackout which would explain all the flashlights. Of course, when it’s dark, you are gonna crash into stuff which explains all the bandages. And the gum…well that was just for me.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday. As promised

OK, shut up. I know I am a slacker. It is like I have single-handedly sucked all the productivity out of this house. To be fair, this week I am running a music camp for kids. I have no excuse for last week. I just mostly laid around. I am vowing now that I will not be so lazy this coming week. You will here lots from me. Deal with it. For instance: I had the most absurd collection of items anyone has ever carried through Wal-mart; I went to Wal-mart; I started a new medication cocktail; my OCD has tapered down to mildly amusing instead of code-red crazy; I stabbed myself in the face with a toothpick on purpose but accidentally hurt myself. More to come.

So to the matter at hand; Thankful Thursday…
1) Rain
I’m not all like “It refreshes the earth” and “Beautiful cooling waters of the sky” like some kinda earth muffin tree hugger. I just love the excuse it gives me to stay inside. We’ve had all these rolling thunderstorms for days and I can just sit back and listen. It just begs you to be lazy when it’s dark at 2:30 in the afternoon. Also, I really like how excited Mike and Gary get. You’d think it was like the first rainstorm ever. “OK! Everyone stay calm! STAY CALM I SAID! We seem to have a moisture like accumulation over a broad area here. I suspect that it is heading south or southwest or northeast. Here is the exact time that this unbelievable phenomenon will be at your house possibly unless it turns and goes somewhere else. SOMETIMES THEY TURN!! Get to and inside room and cover your head with mattresses or small pets. We will have live coverage for the next 24 hours at least and GET ME SOME COFFEE! Get Val on the phone! Where’s Val?! AGGGGHHHHH!” Rick never gets all worked up like that.

2) Camp Applause
46 kids, about a dozen workers, a full length musical in 4 days, snacks, programs, sets, props, and T-shirts. It has been an unbelievably busy week. But all the kids in the program are getting the chance to learn about Jesus and share Him with others. So it’s all worth it. That is what I keep reminding myself when I’m resetting the stage for the 10th time. Come see the musical at 4:30pm on Sunday at SHBC!!

3) My DVR
Remember how when it’s raining I like to kick it on the couch? Also when it’s not raining but I just don’t feel like doing anything because I forgot to take my meds, or also when it’s my birthday and I refuse to do anything resembling housework for the 4 days before and after my birthday? That is where my DVR comes in. I am an addict. I don’t think I’ve watched an actual commercial in a year or more. Although the “recorded TV” list gives away my secret guilty indulgence…I have never missed an episode of “18 kids and counting” I know. I’m a sad little nerd. But those Duggars are just so interesting with their big bus and the hair and the skirts and the child bride and the revolving door uterus.

4) My PJ’s
OK remember all those reasons that I love my DVR? The rain, the meds, the birthday? This is also why I love my PJ’s. I put my PJ’s on as early as possible each evening. Sometimes that means that I put my PJ’s on around 12:30pm. I have more pairs of PJ pants than I could possibly count. (I could count them, but I would probably need to use my fingers to help me and also I am very lazy and honestly if you really care how many pairs of PJ pants I have, then get over here and count them yourself. You’ll find them in the laundry so could you also wash that and put it away.) PJ’s+DVR+rain+coffee+Sookie Stackhouse=awesome way to spend 3 days… no I mean 3 hours. I only lay there for 3 hours. Promise.

Peace out!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Apparently anxious agoraphobic people do not handle surprises very well, but at least I didn't touch anything or count outloud

My birthday came and it went. We spent approximately 5 days celebrating which I think is a new record even for me. Luke planned us a great evening full of surprises. His first and only mistake was telling me that one of the surprises was a “new” place that I had “never been to before.” At which point I went all “psycho crazy agoraphobic” on him. But I decided I was going to hitch up my big girl panties and face whatever was coming.

Of course I had to start the evening by getting all dressed up. My dear husband went ahead and gave me my birthday present which was 2 new pair of shoes in case I wanted to wear them that evening. Actually it was one new pair of shoes and one replacement air of shoes because I ruined a pair when I tripped in a parking lot and fell straight forward taking a piece out of my shoe, my knee, and my pants in the process. I dropped my kid but I didn’t spill my drink so…you know…big picture.

After I was all beautiful and checking in right around 6’4” after putting on my heels, we headed to our first surprise; the new Harry Potter movie! We got seats in the balcony. Once we crossed the velvet ropes into the balcony, I felt sorry for all the commoners down in the peon seats. For like 5 minutes. And then I forgot all about them when I discovered that I had my own button to call over my own server and bring me stuff. I also had a seat warmer but I don’t like to use those because I feel like I just peed my pants. After much pondering, we ordered the biggest nachos in history. The movie had just started when we started eating so we were faced with the challenge of eating in the dark. I had one bite that consisted entirely of black olives and another where I missed the chip entirely and just stuck my hand into sour cream. Luke pushed our button to order more to drink (and possibly a few extra napkins). The girl hurried right on over and then stuck her ear about 1 inch from Luke’s mouth. The movie was really loud after all. Luke claims that this freaked him out. But it sure didn’t freak him out enough to stop ordering things from her.

Anyhow, the movie was awesome, the ultra friendly waitress was ultimately harmless and put my husband in a good mood and we were off to surprise number 2. By this time I was starting to get a little more concerned about this “new” place we were going, so I started freaking. Just a little. We made it to surprise number 2 which was dinner at Red Rock. I love Red Rock. If you have never been there, you must go right away. And go at sunset because they get all excited about it and bang on pots and shout and stuff. It’s like they are concerned that the sun might not actually set and they are REALLY excited when it does.

I was struggling to enjoy my dinner because I was really starting to panic about this new place we were supposed to be going. Finally, Luke just told me that we were going to a comedy club. I don’t know if it was the unknown building, the late hour, or if I just generally have a fear of funny things, but I LOST MY CRAP at this revelation. So now, I am standing on the patio at Red Rock bawling my head off. Oh, and I’m freaking 6 feet 4 inches tall so its not like I go unnoticed. Luke made a quick executive decision and cancelled the comedy club. Agoraphobia has no rhyme or reason, but at least my man knows enough not to fight with it.

Once I was relieved of the burden of going to an unfamiliar place, I was able to enjoy myself. I’ve been to Red Rock approximately 492 times and the menu is not that big but it changes frequently and suddenly the waiter was there and he was like “Are you ready?” and Luke was ordering before I knew it and then it was my turn and I panicked and ordered the first thing I saw; chicken enchiladas. It was cool because they are always good. We also had the best dessert in history AND Bob Stoops was sitting a few tables away from us. But technically I didn’t know that until the next day. Which is good because I probably would have taken pictures with my phone all night or hollered at him from where I sat.

Overall we had a fabulous evening, panic attack aside, and I am already planning my birthday for next year. I will be taking any suggestions you may have.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Is it already Thursday again? This week went by so fast what with all my sleeping and laying around by the pool and going to the movies and out to dinner. It’s really been taxing. I did actually write a whole post earlier this week about all of the things Luke and I did for my birthday but then our stupid computer lost power and all of my post along with it. I thought these things had auto-save or something. I just haven’t gotten around to re-writing it yet. There are things that I am thankful for this week. Here are a few:

1) Coffee
There is nothing as good as a simple cup of coffee in the morning. Even now that I have switched to decaf. I don’t even care that it’s like 400 degrees outside right now. Luke doesn’t drink coffee because his theory is why would anyone crush up beans and run steaming hot water through it and then drink what comes out on the other side. It’s a good point really, because who was the first cave man that was all “Hey these beans are kinda cool. Lets fire ‘em up and drink their juice. Hey…these make me move really fast! I can kill and skin all kinds of wild beasts extra fast after drinking the bean dirt water.” I don’t care who came up with it first. I love coffee.

2) Our New Dog
If you didn’t know by now, we got a new dog. Well, he is new to us. My sister moved away (boo) and we adopted their sweet little dog Pete. We love him. More specifically, I love him. Maybe once or twice I might have been caught talking to him like he’s a real person or hugging his neck a little too closely to be considered “not-creepy”. He’s just such a darn good cuddler and he’s not all needy. I love Pete.

3) Last Minute Babysitters
As if 3 days of birthday celebrating wasn’t enough, we decided to go out yet again. But we needed a babysitter and we needed one fast. Thanks to facebook, we had a great sitter within a few hours. She came armed with an entire trunk full of toys and dress-up clothes for my girls. They had a great night and so did we! I love grown-up time with my man. And then I fell asleep on the couch with my dog.

4) Good Movies
We went to the movies not once, but TWICE this week. We saw “The Hangover” which was good but my sister thought I said that I HAD a hangover which is totally not the same thing. It was a confusing conversation for a few moments. We also saw the new Harry Potter which is awesome! I have a serious crush on some Ron Weasley. I’m not afraid to be a nerd. I’m already married so I don’t have to be cool anymore.

That was my week. See you soon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I missed Thursday again. I didn’t miss it like it never happened; I mean I still experienced Thursday. I’m not a time traveler like Marty and Doc and the flux capacitor (although that would be awesome and I hope when I get to Heaven that God helps me build a time machine out of a Delorian. I think He will let me do that because God is very awesome and wants us to enjoy ourselves in Heaven. It will be like Father/Daughter bonding.) (Also, I just had to ask Luke how to spell Delorian because spell check is stupid and doesn’t recognize awesome time machines and he totally just spelled it for me without asking any questions at all. That is because my husband is awesome and he will get to ride in my time machine in Heaven after God and I take it for the first run.)

I digress. I missed Thursday. I am very thankful for lots of things. Here are a few.

1) Breakfasts
This week I had some very wonderful breakfasts. I had the chance to have omelets and pancakes with my oldest friend. I don’t mean to say that she is old like geriatric, but that I have known her longer than any other person I know other than my parents and sister. We always have great conversation and I love every chance we have to get together. I have secret fantasies that her son will marry one of my daughters. That would be so cool.

Also this week Luke cooked me a delicious breakfast. He is the breakfast master around our house. I’m technically not allowed to touch the breakfast food because technically I might have served soggy bacon and burned pancakes one too many times. He is very serious about his breakfast food, and I am serious about letting him cook breakfast for me. I know when to appreciate a good thing.

2) Birthdays
My mom and I both have a birthday this week. As she told me on her birthday, “It’s good to celebrate your birthday no matter how old you get because it’s better than the alternative.” Which I assume means being dead. I suppose that is very true and I am grateful for another year completed.

3) Babies
I am thankful for the safe delivery of babies this week and last. I also got to hold a little tiny baby for a while this week. I know that I am done having babies, so I love the opportunity to love on other peoples’ babies. I am also reminded of the babies that are yet to come. These are the babies that I have been praying for for a long time. I know that God knows when and how these babies will join the mommies and daddies who so desperately want them. I am thankful for the chance to observe this process.

4) Burritos
Yeah, this one is kind of obvious, but I had a nice little alliteration going on and I didn’t want to screw it up. I will always be thankful for burritos. It is the world’s perfect food. All the food groups neatly tied up inside a tidy little package. Brilliant. Muey Bueno, inventor of the burrito. Muey Bueno.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I could just take a Benadryl every night or maybe Luke could just knock me out with a baseball bat. He'd like that.

For about 5 weeks now I have been trying to make my body get used to a new medication. It is supposed to eliminate nighttime panic and vivid catastrophic thought that are borderline hallucinogenic. Yes, I know how crazy that sounds. Anyhow, the first pill that I tried worked great. No visions, no panic attacks, it only cost my 8 bucks a month after insurance, but I gained 10 pounds in 4 weeks with no sign of slowing down. So that is a deal breaker for me.

I moved on to a new drug. My doctor had been giving me samples while we worked out the dosage. Then I developed crazy leg syndrome so we re-adjusted again. I have spent weeks riding this insane roller coaster of medication, side effects, and being un-medicated for short periods of time. It’s enough to make sane people in my proximity lose their marbles, so you can only imagine how challenging this has been on my system.

Finally, after 5 weeks of samples, we fixed the dose. We brought the panic attacks down to a minimum, the hallucinations became only mildly irritating dreams, and the crazy legs stopped their unauthorized dance competition. My doctor sent me to the pharmacy with a real live prescription for the pills that will finally offer me some relief. Then the pharmacist drops a bomb on me. After insurance I will be paying 71 dollars. Per month. So that is not going to happen. We’re back to square one.

Isn’t that just a kick in the teeth?

Monday, July 13, 2009

I should work in sales

About a month ago I decided that I wanted a dog for my birthday which is coming up soon. I started my campaign very slowly and subtly. “Wouldn’t it be fun if we had a little dog running around the yard with us?” “See how those people are walking their dog? That would be so great. We could be like a family. With a dog.”

It wasn’t going very well. I wanted a small dog. Small enough to carry around in my purse. Luke informed me that there are no such things as dogs that small, only rodents pretending to be dogs. He did not want a rodent. So I turned up the heat a little and changed my approach.
Me: Luke, do you care about my mental health?
Luke: What kind of a question is that and where are you going with this?
Me: Just tell me if you care about my mental health.
Luke: I don’t trust you.
Me: I was reading about a very special tool that people with anxiety disorder can use to help them with recovery and management.
Luke: Spit it out.
Me: We could get an Emotional Support Animal. If you love me, you’ll let me get one.
Luke: Well then I guess it’s good that I don’t love you.

Time to be aggressive. I started looking up pictures of dogs from the animal shelter website. I followed Luke around the house saying things like “Do you see Spence? Spence is a cute little dog that just needs a home. They are going to kill him if we don’t take him in. Or he’s going to go to a home with animal beaters or something and it will be all your fault. Animal killer” Unfortunately, he appears to be immune to my tactics.

Then last week my sister calls me and randomly mentions that they are giving away their dog because they are moving. Um…hello? Awesome. I immediately sprang into action and called Luke. Then the craziest thing happened. He was like, “I’ll think about it.” What?! I know when to shut my mouth.

Two days later we picked up Pete from my sister’s house. He’s not really a carry around in your purse kind of dog unless your purse is a suitcase. He has fit in around our house like he has always been here. Luke is like a big ‘ol kid with his new best buddy in the house. They have already played fetch and ran around in the sprinkler and spooned on the couch for a while. My sister has already called to check on him more than once too. He’s fine and I think we’re going to keep him.
Just not in my purse.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

All the Thursdays this summer are kind of blending together. I am with my children all day. EVERY day. No half day pre-school to break that up. Just hour after hour after hour of playing and coloring and cleaning and fighting and hitting and squealing. Yay! But its not all bad. This week I managed to convince them that mopping is a fun reward for cleaning your room. I also got to hear this sentence; “Mom, Grace hit me in the face with her naked bottom.” Awesome. Here are some things to be thankful for this week.

1) Staying home all day with my kids
I know I complain a lot about the mess and the noise and the unusual amounts of poop that finds its way into my pool, but honestly I wouldn’t change anything. I am very blessed to have children and to be able to stay home and play all day. Even if the game we sometimes play is called “Who can be the quietest because the next person that makes a sound is going to get me sent to the crazy house…and for the love of all things please flush the toilet when you are done.”

2) Only eating vanilla pudding because I want to, not because I have to
Tonight we had a great dinner (you are welcome) followed by a fabulous dessert. The dessert was even made to order. My lucky children had the choice of chocolate OR vanilla snack packs. I even shook them up really well so that when the lids peeled off they would be all delicious for licking because I am so freaking thoughtful. As soon as I had licked my lid, (which sounds like a dirty euphemism but is completely G-rated, I promise) I was reminded that there was a time in my life that I existed almost entirely on vanilla pudding. My jaws were wired shut.

I’ve had vanilla pudding from a syringe, with medicine crushed into it, blended with water in a cup, shoved into my wired shut mouth through my teeth with my hands because the syringe is so dang frustrating and keeps getting clogged and I’m just so hungry! I am pleasantly surprised that I still have the ability to enjoy a vanilla snack pack.

3) My backyard
My backyard is awesome. It’s only like a quarter acre for the entire plot so we’re not really running any marathons back there or anything. But we do have a very cool playground, the perfect size tiny pool, a table with an umbrella, a stereo, a grill, and really pretty flowers that I never touch because I would kill them. Since I don’t like to go places, my backyard is like this perfect little at home getaway. Or my backyard is an enabler because it lets me be agoraphobic. Either way; I love it.

4) My husband
Shut up. Roll your eyes if you want to. But if it were not for my husband I wouldn’t be able to stay home everyday. And when staying home gets a little, um…so super fun that I feel like its not fair to keep it all to myself, he takes me out for dinner or rents us a grown-up movie or brings me home a Dr. Pepper. He also stood right by me through every last bit of drugged, watery, syringed, face-shoveled vanilla pudding. And he is pretty much solely responsible for the habitability of our backyard. It was his idea to duct-tape the slip and slide to the playground slide and add the water hose to create one super long speed slide. He’s like some kind of playground genius.

That’s my week. What’s on your list?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The only thing that could have made it worse would be Hannah Montana

Remember how I quit taking one of my meds for a while? Well, I did. Only for a little while. What happened was that I was taking a crazy pill that was helping me eliminate nightmares and nighttime panic attacks. It was working really really well. I was sleeping all night long, and waking up without horrible visions about 90% of the time. So my doctor logically assumed that if one dose helped so much, then we should double the dose to help even more.


I instantly developed some sort of condition called blahblahasphyxiblabitylegs. Or something like that. What that means in normal words is that my legs somehow became attached to car batteries that sent jolts of pain every few seconds. Also my legs involuntarily danced and kicked around like Pinocchio when he got his strings cut off or that Lord of the Dance guy. And I’m not supposed to dance. I’m Baptist. Since my brain was so busy attacking my legs, it left lots of time for the nightmares, visions, and panic attacks to come back. Lucky me.

So the solution is to go back to the original dose. But I have stopped taking this pill altogether for about a week, just so my legs can take a little breather from the involuntary Rockette kick line. Last night, I had a fabulous nightmare unlike any I have ever had. Brace yourself. The featured players in this terrifying scenario…

The Jonas Brothers.

Ugh. I get all goosebumpy just thinking about it again. For what felt like hours, I was held hostage by adorable smiles and tight pants and catchy choruses. It was awful and hypnotic all at once. And I think they stole some of my electric leg dance moves. Stupid Jonas Brothers.

I’m going back on the meds tonight.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Is this how normal people are all the time?

I’m still here. I’m still alive. I just haven’t had anything particularly interesting happening lately. I haven’t cursed inappropriately, or fallen down, or gotten any poop in my hair at all. That last bit has actually been really nice. I have been sleeping when I am supposed to sleep and staying awake when I’m supposed to be awake. Mostly. I have not thwarted any bug attacks, or made any major advances in learning how to behave normally.

I’ve been hanging out with Sookie Stackhouse, laying by the pool, and drinking Dr. Pepper. As soon as something absurd inevitably comes my way, I’ll let you know.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Thursday, but it feels like Friday

What a week. Lots of stuff. I had some burritos. And many Dr. Peppers. So much for giving them up. I’m OK with it. Here’s what else I’m thankful for.

1) Lifeguards
One week of swimming lessons down, one to go. Holey-nips wasn’t there today, so Lily was really unsure about trusting the substitute teacher. Really, Lily? You’ll run straight to barbell chest like he has magnets in those things, but the normal clean cut kid you’re afraid of? Really?

Twice this week the lifeguards had to come to the rescue of my children. Just minor walk off the edge of the safety platform kind of stuff, but enough to need a hand from the lifeguard. And enough to give me a minor stroke each time. So thank God for lifeguards. And also, has anyone noticed that I went to swimming lessons, by myself, four days in a row? Can I get some love here?

2) I can feel my tongue
11 years ago I lost feeling in the right side of my tongue in the first of several reconstructive surgeries. The nerve is damaged, not severed, so that leaves me with a pins and needles feeling 99% of the time with no real ability to feel pain, taste, or temperature changes. It also creates a fun little game where I drool sometimes. I also curse at my dental hygienist every now and then, because now when you touch my gums it sends shooting pains through my tongue, so I got that going for me.

But 1% of the time, it just all comes back. It’s like Christmas and my Birthday all rolled into one. My tongue just wakes up. It’s hyper sensitive and I just can’t help but mess with it. So I was walking around church on Wednesday night just touching my tongue. It’s awesome. I put some cold water in my mouth and just held it there because I could, and I hold all different kinds of food to that side and just enjoy how powerful the taste is. I never know how long its going to last before I start drooling again, so I try to enjoy every second.

3) Chlorine
Against all odds, bless her little heart, I got poop in my pool again. Fortunately, this time her mama had the foresight to put on a swim diaper and I had the paranoia to make her check the swim diaper regularly. So we caught it early. And then we shocked the life out of that water with as much chlorine as it could safely handle.

4) My children are old enough now to do chores that are actually helpful
Going to swimming lessons 4 times this week sapped all energy I had to do anything else. So today when we finally got home from the grocery store, Grace volunteered to put away the groceries and I volunteered to let her. I did find some cereal in the fridge and I think there might be chicken in my pantry, but I figure I’ll find it all eventually.